Day 26 Hip Opener

Day 26 of Hip Openers!

Want to stretch while watching tv? Then try Marichi’s Pose! I love when I can sit and enjoy one of my favorite tv shows and stretch. I get to multitask and decrease the load on my plate. This pose helps bring some mobility to your spine while also stretching your hips.

Marichi’s Pose

1. Sit on your mat with your back nice and tall and your feet out in front of you.

2. Bend your right knee and place your foot a few inches from your glute.

3. As you inhale, feel your spine lengthen.

4. Exhale, hook your left arm onto your right knee and place your right hand behind you.

5. Each time you exhale, that is when you would gently twist/rotate your spine.

6. When ready, switch to the other side.

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