Back Sequence- Bridge Pose

Buns of steel can help support your lower back, so let’s give this pose another go. Bridge Pose Lie down on your back with your knees bent onto your mat Bring heels as close to your glutes as possible Press down into your heels and lift your body up through your hips; Knees hip distanceContinue reading “Back Sequence- Bridge Pose”

Back Sequence – Locust

Last week we focused on cobra pose, today we are going to work on another pose called locust. This pose helps strengthen your entire back body, also known as the posterior chain. Locust Pose Lie completely flat on your stomach, resting forehead on your mat extending your legs straight behind you with the tops ofContinue reading “Back Sequence – Locust”

Back Sequence – Cobra

So how is your back feeling so far? I hope good! Today we have another yoga pose that can help strengthen your back, cobra pose. Cobra Lie down flat on your stomach Place your palms onto your mat right under your shoulders. Bend your elbows, so they are sent directly back behind you and theyContinue reading “Back Sequence – Cobra”

Back Sequence – Bridge

Did you know that strong glutes can help support your lower back? So that means we need to work on that peach! So let’s get to work on building those glutes with bridge pose. Lie down on your back with your knees bent onto your mat Bring heels as close to your glutes as possibleContinue reading “Back Sequence – Bridge”

Back Sequence – Extended Triangle

Here go continuing some more yoga postures that can help with your back. But like I always say- do what feels good for your body. If it doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it. Remember you know your body, better than I do, so listen to it. I used to hate extended triangle, but nowContinue reading “Back Sequence – Extended Triangle”

Back Sequence – Down Dog

On occasion a stiff back can get you down. You just don’t feel that great when your back feels like it’s encased in cement. Another move besides cat cow that you can try is Down Dog. Here is a video below that you can follow along to: But if you want to read a description,Continue reading “Back Sequence – Down Dog”

Back sequence – 1 Cat Cow

Do you have some minor back pain and aches? Sometimes sitting for way too long can just make our backs ache. But is there a solution? Yes! Let’s try some yoga poses that can help stretch out our back and bring some mobility to our spine! Join me each Wednesday for a yoga pose thatContinue reading “Back sequence – 1 Cat Cow”

Day 13 30, 60, 90 – Core Challenge

Today is our final day! Congratulations you made it! Our final pose/exercise to help strengthen your core is the 30, 60, 90 leg lifts. These are a little rough but oh so good for your lower abdominals. Let’s finish this challenge off with a bang! Lie completely flat on your mat with legs fully extendedContinue reading “Day 13 30, 60, 90 – Core Challenge”

Day 12 Yogic Bicycles – Core Challenge

We are almost done with this core challenge. I’m starting to get sad, but at least your abs are feeling strong. Lets get to the next exercise- Yogic bicycles. 1. Lay down on your mat.  2. Legs are fully extending in front of you. 3. Bring your hands behind your head, cupping it 4. DrawContinue reading “Day 12 Yogic Bicycles – Core Challenge”

Day 11 Boat Pose – Core Challenge

Abs be working real hard lately…but not as hard as they will be in Boat pose. Boat pose is yoga pose where we engage our core while balancing on our butts. Its fun, let’s try it out. 1. Sit in the center of your mat sitting up nice and tall with your feet out inContinue reading “Day 11 Boat Pose – Core Challenge”