How do you meditate?

Have you ever wanted to meditate, but didn’t know how? If so this post is for you. I never liked to meditate because I hated to sit still. But once I actually made myself sit still all alone, I learned to love it. Learning how to meditate not only helped me focus, but I wasContinue reading “How do you meditate?”

Chair Yoga

Well, hello there! Sorry life got hectic and I was wondering what my next yoga post should be and then I remembered… I’m supposed to be talking to you about the different types of yoga. Please forgive me! If you are still trying to figure out what type of yoga you want to try, considerContinue reading “Chair Yoga”

Why did I choose Yoga?

Years ago, I thought you weren’t getting a workout unless you were lifting weights or doing some kind of cardio. So, when someone would suggest yoga to me, I would scoff and say, “That’s not a real workout.” Literally, I said that. Looking back, I can only shake my head at the lack of knowledgeContinue reading “Why did I choose Yoga?”