Losing your yoga practice

I’ve been a yoga instructor for about five years now. I try to maintain my own practice as best as I can. However, one thing that I heard while I was in my yoga teacher training is that it’s difficult to maintain your own practice. At first I thought, Well if I plan in advanceContinue reading “Losing your yoga practice”

Upper Back Sequence – Supported Fish

This upper back stretch also helps stretch-out part of your chest as well. I love it when you get a 2 for 1 in your stretch. And Supported fish pose does just that and it allows me to zone out. Give your back some love with this yoga pose. Lay completely flat on your backContinue reading “Upper Back Sequence – Supported Fish”

Upper Back Sequence – Supine Twist

There is nothing like a nice spinal twist to make your back feel so good! When I’m feeling achey, this is one of my favorite moves. And the plus is that you can do this while lying down on the floor or even better your bed. Supine Spinal Twist: Lay on your back and bendContinue reading “Upper Back Sequence – Supine Twist”

Upper Back Sequence – Eagle Arms

Sometimes our upper back needs to be released and one way to do that is by performing a yoga pose known as eagle arms. You can do this by either sitting or standing, it’s your preference. Eagle Arms Sit on your mat with your knees bent and out to the sides.  Bring left foot inContinue reading “Upper Back Sequence – Eagle Arms”

Upper back Sequence – Puppy

Another pose that can help stretch part of your back is Puppy pose. This one feels so good! The portion of the back that is stretched out is your lats. And I don’t know about you, but my lats are usually tight so feel free to try out this pose. Come onto your hands andContinue reading “Upper back Sequence – Puppy”

Upper Back Stretch – Child’s pose with Lateral flexion

Sometimes my lats can get super tight and I feel like I can’t get a good stretch with them. When that occurs, I try to get into Child’s pose, but I do something different with my arms and hands, I reach out to the right or the left side. Adding that lateral flexion (right orContinue reading “Upper Back Stretch – Child’s pose with Lateral flexion”

Upper Back Sequence – Thread the Needle

Next in our series for yoga poses that can stretch your upper back, we are going to work on a pose known as Thread the needle. I usually put this pose in the beginning of my classes when trying to warm up and stretch, but I also use it in my Yin classes as well.Continue reading “Upper Back Sequence – Thread the Needle”

Upper Back Sequence – Cat Cow

Our backs can get stiff in various areas. For me my upper back can get pretty tense depending on what I’m doing all day long, including lifting too heavy, tensing my shoulders, etc. So for the next few Wednesday’s I’m going to be showing you some yoga moves that can help bring some relief. TodayContinue reading “Upper Back Sequence – Cat Cow”

Knee Sequence – Child’s Pose

I know we are strengthening the knee, but we also need to stretch it as well. One pose that can do this is Child’s pose. Start in table top (on your hands and knees) and shift your hips back towards your heels with your arms stretched out in front of you as if you areContinue reading “Knee Sequence – Child’s Pose”