Hip Opening Challenge- Flow

Well, we did it! We ended up learning a new hip opening pose every single day this February. And we were working our way up to a hip opening flow. So check out the video below! I hope you like the flow. I enjoyed creating it and afterwards my hips felt fantastic. Go ahead andContinue reading “Hip Opening Challenge- Flow”

Day 27 Hip Opening

Day 27 – Final day of our hip opening challenge before the hip opening flow. If you liked sitting and being able to stretch, well then you are going to love our final pose- Head to knee pose also known as Janu Sirsasana. I love this pose after a good cycling class or running. IContinue reading “Day 27 Hip Opening”

Day 26 Hip Opener

Day 26 of Hip Openers! Want to stretch while watching tv? Then try Marichi’s Pose! I love when I can sit and enjoy one of my favorite tv shows and stretch. I get to multitask and decrease the load on my plate. This pose helps bring some mobility to your spine while also stretching yourContinue reading “Day 26 Hip Opener”

Day 25 Hip Opener

Day 25 Hip Opening Pose! Out of all the hip opening poses, if you have tight hip/glutes Pigeon is the probably the most hated of them all. However, its a classic. It really does help stretch out your hips, but if your bent leg’s glute is up in the air… well, you may not wantContinue reading “Day 25 Hip Opener”

Day 24 Hip Opener

For our 24th Hip Opening Pose- Grab those straps, you are going to need it. If you struggle with hip openness and want to increase flexibility, one pose that you can try is extended hand to big toe pose. But this pose is not off limits if you have limited flexibility, you just need toContinue reading “Day 24 Hip Opener”

Day 23 Hip Opener

Day 23 for Hip Opening Challenge! Wanna fly like an Eagle? But also stretch your hips? Then let’s try Eagle pose. This one will really stretch out your hips and your shoulders as well. It’s a little tough because of the hand positioning, but if you modify where you need to, you can just linkContinue reading “Day 23 Hip Opener”

Day 22 of Hip Opener

Day 22 of our Hip Opening saga continues. Today we have a cool looking pose – Half Lord of the Fishes. It looks way more complicated than what it really is, but it really is a great way to stretch out one hip at a time. If you have some time and are watching tv,Continue reading “Day 22 of Hip Opener”

Day 21 for Hip Openers

Day 21 for Hip Openers! We are close to finishing our hip openers for this month. One of the most relaxing ones is Reclined Bound Angle. This is a favorite of mine. When I teach any type of restorative class, I love putting this one in the flow because its such a great pose. IfContinue reading “Day 21 for Hip Openers”

Day 20 – Hip Opener

Day 20 Hip Opener Excuse the the Resting B&@%# Face, but this pose really gets into those hips. If you’ve never tried this pose it is – Malasana. A deep yogic squat that really opens your hips and as you can tell by my face, its a little much. But it feels so good! IContinue reading “Day 20 – Hip Opener”

Day 19 – Hip Opener

Day 19- Hip Opener! One of my favorite poses that I enjoy getting into is Ragdoll. Sometimes when my hamstrings or low back is a little too tight, you can find me in rag doll. I can be at home or at work. It doesn’t matter this poses is great. Feel free to give itContinue reading “Day 19 – Hip Opener”