Studying Best of Anthologies

I like reading, but I find that I typically gravitate toward romance, paranormal romance, adventure, and thrillers. I’m currently in a class that goes on for 18 weeks where 8 students are led by an established author and read a few stories from The Best Horror of the Year, The Best American Science Fiction andContinue reading “Studying Best of Anthologies”

Grammar isn’t my area

I was never really good at grammar. Growing up, my grammar always had to be corrected when I wrote, but also my punctuation. Commas? I like my sentences fast, just like how I move. LOL. But seriously I either had tons of run ons or had way too many in a sentence. Honestly, it madeContinue reading “Grammar isn’t my area”

Gutting your story

For writers, let’s be honest you can spend what feels like an eternity on a story and think it’s done. Finished. Complete. But after a 2-3 day break from it, you feel like its not. That maybe you could do better. And this shatters your heart because you just want to be done. You thoughtContinue reading “Gutting your story”

Good to Great Writing Class Review

Over the last few years I’ve taken a few writing classes from LitReactor. I really enjoy taking these classes because I can see that my writing has started to improve. I no longer think about stories the way I used to in the past. One of the classes that I recently took in November 2022Continue reading “Good to Great Writing Class Review”

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Toolkit Review

If you ever ask a writer about writing, they will tell you it’s a never ending learning process. I’ve been writing for a few years now and honestly I feel like there is so much to learn. One of my friends told me about a website where writers can take writing classes from authors/editors thatContinue reading “Sci-Fi and Fantasy Toolkit Review”

Done with the story?

Just when you finish typing the last sentence of your story an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction comes over you. You’re done. Finished. Another story in the books… At least that’s what you thought. Just because you wrote the last sentence doesn’t mean you’re actually done. When I first started writing that’s what I thought. I’mContinue reading “Done with the story?”

Time to Write

There are 24 hours in a day. We use 6-8 hours to sleep . Then out of those remaining hours, we have to work. So if I already have a full time job, how am I supposed to find time to write? Do any of you find it difficult to find free time to write?Continue reading “Time to Write”

Description is hard

When I read, there are a few things that I am looking for in general. Everyone reads for a different reason. These are the reasons I read: I want to be transported to a land far away from where I currently am. I want to escape. I want to be someone else for a while.Continue reading “Description is hard”

Which POV to write from?

Staring at a blank page isn’t fun. But neither is writing a story and midway through you realize it’s garbage, because it’s not as good as what you were expecting. All because you need to change your point of view. This happens to me quite often because I like to dabble in third person, butContinue reading “Which POV to write from?”

Creating Your Character

One of the things that can make or break a book, is the main character. Can you imagine if you read the first few pages of a new novel and you completely hated the main character OR worse felt absolutely nothing for them? I’ve actually come across this, while trying to find other series toContinue reading “Creating Your Character”