Day 25 Hip Opener

Day 25 Hip Opening Pose!

Out of all the hip opening poses, if you have tight hip/glutes Pigeon is the probably the most hated of them all. However, its a classic.

It really does help stretch out your hips, but if your bent leg’s glute is up in the air… well, you may not want to be in the pose long. So modify to make yourself comfortable like putting a rolled up blanket or a block beneath the glute or hip.


1. Find Down dog.

2. Bring your right foot high to the sky for 3 legged down dog.

3. Take your right knee to your nose and hold.

4. Gently lower yourself onto the mat, with you lying on your right leg still bent, but slightly on the side of it. Left leg is extended out behind you, straight.

5. Your torso can be upright or you can lay on the mat.

6. If your right hip is up in the air, not on the mat, roll up a towel and place it under the hip or use a block.

7. This may be intense if you are super tight in your hips. Breathe your breath into your hips and hold the pose.

8. When ready gently release and find Down dog and try it on the other side.

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