Day 24 Hip Opener

For our 24th Hip Opening Pose- Grab those straps, you are going to need it.

If you struggle with hip openness and want to increase flexibility, one pose that you can try is extended hand to big toe pose. But this pose is not off limits if you have limited flexibility, you just need to use a strap. See me in the picture? No shame in using props when you need them. It just ensures you have a safe yoga practice.

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

1. Stand at the top of your mat. Pressing your body weight into the foot prints of your feet.

2. Gently bring your body weight to one leg- right one.

3. Slowly left the left leg off the mat. Bend the left knee and place your left index and middle finger around your big toe (Or place a strap around the arch of the left foot if struggling with hip tightness) and extend the leg out in front of you.

4. When ready bring out the left leg over to the left side.

5. Hold and focus on breath.

6. Gently release and try on the other side.

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