What the…Block?

It happened. Every writers worst nightmare! I was trudging along trying to write my short story, when it occurred. I couldn’t think anymore, my character was stuck in front of a building. Where do I go from here? Where? Where?!

I tried writing other scenes and then came back to it. Nothing! Not even a word. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to finish a story, but it’s just not budging. And did I mention its due in a week? At this point I was annoyed and really irritated. So I reached out to a dear writing friend, who also had hit a roadblock. So we ended up trading stories. I literally thought my story was trash and ready to pitch it. Its funny that at the first time we run into trouble with a story we automatically think its garbage and we can’t use it.

When I started reading her story I felt relief. It felt so nice to actually read someone else’s work that was not my own. And hers was great! I was able to give feedback to help her along. But she was already on a roll with her story. I think she just really tired of thinking about the same scene over and over again.  

She later gave me mine and commented on some things that I could work on. But overall, she enjoyed where it was going. 

Thank goodness for writing buddies! I have no idea what I would do without them. 

So keep writing and when you are stuck reach out for help! Your writing pals want you to succeed! And now I have a general idea of where I’m taking my character.

Happy writing!

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