What to wear to yoga

If you are new to yoga or want to try yoga, you may be wondering, what do I wear? 

Some people may roll their eyes and just say, “Anything just go.” But I want everyone who comes to a yoga class to be comfortable, but also confident. So I’m going to give you some tips.

1. Be comfortable. If you are attending a yoga class make sure that whatever you wear, you feel comfortable in. So if you want to wear the cute little Lululemon shorts, go for it. I would just say make sure that if you wear shorts they aren’t the type that ride up on you with every move you make. Honestly, its so irritating and annoying. I speak from personal experience. 

2. Form fitting or what works for you. I prefer form fitting clothes because as I move into the different poses, my clothes aren’t getting in the way. But you can wear whatever you like, I would just say this, if you are wearing a baggy shirt, tuck in the bottom of shirt into the front and the back of your pants. That way when you go into a down dog, your shirt isn’t going to ride up exposing your back and belly. 

Pants- I do not recommend bell bottomed yoga pants! Try to get ones that are slim fits around the ankles, I nearly tripped and fell across my mat because my foot got caught on the edge of my yoga pants (the flared type). 

3. Do the bend test. If you are wearing leggings, please perform the bend test. In a well lit room at home, bend in front of a mirror and watch to see if your material turns sheer. I’ve had to put a few pairs of leggings back, while shopping at a store because they did not pass this test. I want to save you from embarrassment if you end up leaving my class or any other class to run errands in them and every time you move they turn sheer. 

4. Avoid jewelry. In yoga you are there to be present in the moment. And if you are wearing tons of bracelets that jingle and slide up and down your arms it can be distracting. Same with big hoop earrings. Nothing like slapping yourself in the side of the face as you move from up dog to down dog. So please keep the jewelry at home or take it off before you join a class.

5. No perfume. Everyone wants to smell nice. And that’s great, but if you are in a close space with someone and a person literally bathes in the their cologne or perfume it can give some people a headache…including me. So if you want to smell nice, just take a shower a few hours before coming to class or you can do a quick spritz and be done. 

I hope these tips helped you and that you are now one step closer to trying a yoga class. These are just some suggestions, wear what you want, just make sure you have a good time. 

But if you have any other questions, please feel free and ask me. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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