Day 15 Hip Opener

We are past the half way mark! And how are those hips feeling? Hopefully, a little more open than before. This next hip opener not only works on opening one of your hips, but also helps with some core stabilization. This pose is known as Half Moon or Ardha Chandrasana.

I personally used to hate this pose because my core was a weak and I was falling all over the place. However, as I’ve gotten stronger and have built my core up, this pose has gotten a little easier along the way.

So come join me in Ardha Chandrasana.

Half Moon
  1. Stand at the top of your mat
  2. Take a really wide step back with your right foot
  3. Outer edge if the right foot is parallel to the short edge of your mat
  4. Left leg – 90 degree bend in the knee; left heel of foot should intersect into the middle of the back foot (right), if we drew a line extending out from the heel of the left foot
  5. Hips are pointed outward (facing the long edge of the mat)
  6. Bring your arms out to your sides in a T- form; drawing shoulders away from ears; arms are nice and even
  7. From here bring hands to hips. Place your body weight within your left foot. 
  8. Gently lift your right leg off the mat, while also straightening your left leg, but keep a slight bend in the knee.
  9. Carefully bring your left hand towards the mat near your left foot or a block, with your right arm up to the sky. 
  10. Hold and focus on your breath. 
  11. When ready repeat on the opposite side.

How do you feel? Please comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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