Day 16 Hip Opening

Day 16 for Hip Opening!

What happens if you are at work and you need to stretch those hips? What are you going to do? Go into standing pigeon! That’s what!

I perform this pose all the time when I’ve been sitting for too long. And it feels fantastic. Why don’t you join me in this pose, just follow the instructions below:

1. Stand at the top of your mat.

2. Firmly plant both feet into your mat, while standing nice and tall.

3. Carefully bring your right foot a few inches off the mat.

4. Find your balance. When you are ready bend your right knee.

5. Standing leg- bend the knee and slowly lower your self down and bring your right leg on top and place it on your left leg.

6. Bring your hands to heart center.

7. Feel your hip open while you work on a few breaths.

8. When ready switch to the other side.

#funjoypeace #yoga #hipopeners #standingpigeon #hipopeningchallenge

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