Le Creuset- A favorite piece

I’ve been cooking for a majority of my adult life. It’s something I’m really proud of because I’ve taught myself how to cook a lot of foods from scratch and not prepackaged. Although sometimes you just say, “What the hell! Give me that box!” Well, as I’ve been cooking I have been looking for some cookware that would last me a while. I wanted it to be from a reputable brand that didn’t have nonstick material. One that caught my eye was the brand- Le Creuset.

They are known for their enamel covered dutch ovens with the vivid and beautiful colors. I’ve recently just purchased one of their pristine dutch ovens. I ended up picking a 7.25 quart round dutch oven in the color emerald. I honestly wasn’t in the market to purchase it when I saw it, but the color was calling my name. It really was beautiful with the dark green turning into a dark/black green with the natural ombre. I couldn’t say no to that. So off I walked out with a dutch oven. At first I was like, “Oh no! That was a good chunk of change that I spent.” But then I started to cook with it. And I must say, it’s the best kitchen purchase I’ve made in quite sometime.

The enameled dutch oven is awesome because I don’t have to keep it seasoned. Instead I can pull it out and either cook with it on the stove top or I can stick that bad boy in the oven and know that it’s doing its job, creating a delicious meal all for me. I did learn that you cannot put your dutch oven on the stove and cook it dry, it needs to have an oil/fat in it. And do not use olive oil for cooking in it, it needs to be a high smoke point oil- vegetable oil or corn oil. This product is unlike anything I’ve ever cooked with before, it retains the heat and helps to distribute it evenly all throughout the pot.

Since I’ve gotten the pot, I have made fried chicken in it. And it was literally the best home made fried chicken I’ve ever made (click here for the recipe). And I’ve also made roasted chicken quarters over potatoes, carrots, and onions in it as well. That was an amazing and tasty dish too. Now that I have this dutch oven, I am more excited to cook with it. I typically use it 2-3 x a week.

Another great element to this product is the fact that it’s so pretty you can set it out on your stove and have it be a decorative piece when it’s not in use. And that to me is a win.

I do have to be honest though, I ended up loving the products so much (we also have a braised=r- it’s Ari’s not mine), that I am now a part time employee there. And its so much fun to help people pick their forever kitchen pieces.

But I have a few questions for you. Do you cook in cast iron? If so why? And do you have a Le Creuset dutch oven? If so what color and size? I’d love to learn more about you feel free to comment below.

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