Back Sequence – Down Dog

On occasion a stiff back can get you down. You just don’t feel that great when your back feels like it’s encased in cement. Another move besides cat cow that you can try is Down Dog.

Here is a video below that you can follow along to:

Down Dog

But if you want to read a description, then follow these steps:

  • Begin on all fours – Table top
  • Spread your fingers as wide as you can and dig them into your mat like a rock climber
    • Weight should be evenly distributed into your palm and fingers
  • Lift your hips to the sky
  • Arms shoulder width apart with no tension in the back of the neck
  • Press the mat away for long armpits; keep your spine long
  • Gaze towards your navel
  • Feet are hip width apart
  • And heels are to the ground; if they can’t reach the ground that’s fine- Hammies are too tight
  • Breath your way through the pose

So what did you think? How did you feel in down dog, comment below.

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