Hip Opener Day 9

Hip Opening Day 9!

Today we have another hip opening favorite called Lizard. I hated this one originally because it made my hips ache intensely because they were so tight. When an instructor would call for it, I can’t say I wasn’t thinking some 4 letter words @#$% at the time. See not all of us are thinking of fluffy white bunnies as we do our yoga poses. But as my hip movement improved I no longer hated Lizard pose, but actually wanted to do it.

So as you continue on down this journey you too may start to relish in some of these poses too.

Lizard Pose

1. Come to the top of your mat

2. Step your right foot back, and come onto the ball of your right foot

3. Left leg- bend knee so it is stacked on top of the ankle and there is a 90 degree angle

4. Gently bring the right knee onto your mat and hinge slightly forward

5. Come onto the knifes edge of the left foot and feel the stretch dip within your hip joint.

6. Stay in this pose for the next few breaths.

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