July Yoga Challenge

It’s a new month! That means we have a new yoga challenge to help you get stronger. This month we are focusing on our core. Our abdominals are help support our backs. A healthy core will help with a health spine. Come join me for the next two weeks to help increase your core strength.

Vinyasa Flow into Camel Pose

It’s the final day of our challenge. It is a day late, my apologies. Apparently my phone and computer didn’t want to sync up for me to edit the video. But here is the vinyasa flow into our peak pose- Camel. This is one of my favorite poses because it really helps me open upContinue reading “Vinyasa Flow into Camel Pose”

Day 15 – Eagle Arms

It’s our final day! And today is a really good pose- Eagle arms. This one really does help the shoulders. Follow along with the video or read the instructions. Take your hands off your hips and bring them out to your sides to form a T- shape. Bring your right hand out in front ofContinue reading “Day 15 – Eagle Arms”

Day 12 – Lunge with strap

I love when I can do one pose and it opens up various areas of my body. In low lunge with a strap it helps to open up one of your hips, but also your chest/shoulders as well. So check out this video and also the instructions below. Come to the top of your matContinue reading “Day 12 – Lunge with strap”

Vinyasa Yoga

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little antsy. I wanna do something, but I don’t know what. It needs to be kinda chill, but I also want to get some movement in. When I get like this I do a vinyasa flow. Vinyasa is actually my favorite type of yoga. It’s dance like and flowy andContinue reading “Vinyasa Yoga”

Day 10 – Chest stretch with a strap

Today we are cruising right along to our finish line. Today is day 10 of our chest and shoulder opening challenge. This is a good one, but honestly I think all these stretches are good. But be aware you are going to need a strap or a towel for this chest stretch. Enjoy! Stand upContinue reading “Day 10 – Chest stretch with a strap”

Day 7 – Cactus Arms

Want a chill chest and shoulder opener that you can do anywhere? If so, then this one is for you. Today which is day 7 of our challenge we are focusing on cactus arms. Let’s try this out together! Instructions are below and below that is…you guessed it a video. Stand in tadasana Raise handsContinue reading “Day 7 – Cactus Arms”

Day 2 – Above the Head Chest Stretch

Good Morning! Or good evening! Here is day 2 of our chest/shoulder opening stretch. If you like videos I’m post one below and if you are stuck at work and don’t want anyone to hear the video, I posted the instructions below. Stand up but you can be kneeling on the floor Raise your handsContinue reading “Day 2 – Above the Head Chest Stretch”