Trip to San Francisco Day 3

My last day in San Francisco was a lot of fun. The whole time I was there the weather was amazing and I was able to bask in the sun. And today was no different. I had to work until 3pm, but after work it was time to play. I had been doing a littleContinue reading “Trip to San Francisco Day 3”

Deception Pass – Anacortes

As you cruise north with the windows down, leaving the city of Seattle behind you and enjoying the wind as it swirls into your hair. You will notice the highway lined with gorgeous, vibrant, green trees. If you continue going you are going to hit one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen, Anacortes. AsContinue reading “Deception Pass – Anacortes”

Travel Essentials (To-go kit)

Travel is NEAR! I have missed traveling. I dreamed about it, heck I even day dream about it. What can I say I love to travel. I’ve traveled to places all over the world including China, Australia, and New Zealand just to name a few. So I do know a few things about traveling. OneContinue reading “Travel Essentials (To-go kit)”

Travel: San Francisco – Day 1

Hey Everyone! My name is Ariana and I am Alaina’s twin sister. I like technology, photography, art, and travel. Alaina recently asked if I would be a guest contributor because I have been traveling and I took her up on her offer. So you will see me from time to time contributing to Alaina’s blogContinue reading “Travel: San Francisco – Day 1”