Day 13 30, 60, 90 – Core Challenge

Today is our final day! Congratulations you made it! Our final pose/exercise to help strengthen your core is the 30, 60, 90 leg lifts. These are a little rough but oh so good for your lower abdominals. Let’s finish this challenge off with a bang! Lie completely flat on your mat with legs fully extendedContinue reading “Day 13 30, 60, 90 – Core Challenge”

Day 12 Yogic Bicycles – Core Challenge

We are almost done with this core challenge. I’m starting to get sad, but at least your abs are feeling strong. Lets get to the next exercise- Yogic bicycles. 1. Lay down on your mat.  2. Legs are fully extending in front of you. 3. Bring your hands behind your head, cupping it 4. DrawContinue reading “Day 12 Yogic Bicycles – Core Challenge”

Day 11 Boat Pose – Core Challenge

Abs be working real hard lately…but not as hard as they will be in Boat pose. Boat pose is yoga pose where we engage our core while balancing on our butts. Its fun, let’s try it out. 1. Sit in the center of your mat sitting up nice and tall with your feet out inContinue reading “Day 11 Boat Pose – Core Challenge”

Day 10 Triangle – Core Challenge

Triangle can help strengthen your core? Yes, yes it can. One yoga move that I had to learn to love does indeed help with your obliques. So let’s do this move together. Come to the top of your mat Take a really wide step back with your right foot Right foot the outer edge isContinue reading “Day 10 Triangle – Core Challenge”

Day 9 Rotating Side Plank – Core Challenge

It’s time to rotate… Rotate into side planks. Are you ready for Day 9 of our Core Challenge? Let’s go! 1. Find a plank pose 2. Find side plank, hold.  3. With right forearm or hand down, inhale and bring your left hand up over your body  4. On exhale, rotate your torso to reachContinue reading “Day 9 Rotating Side Plank – Core Challenge”

Day 7 Core Challenge – Chair Twist

How is that core feeling? Strong? I hope so. Today we are focused on a yoga pose called chair, but adding a twist to it. Bring your feet together, or you can have them hip distance apart Brace your core and place the weight of your body into your heels Sink your hips back asContinue reading “Day 7 Core Challenge – Chair Twist”

Day 5 Core Challenge – Knee to Elbow

Off we go… to another exercise that will help strengthen our core. Here we are going to incorporate the basic plank and then add movement, bringing the your knee to your elbow. 1. Come onto your mat  2. Hands under shoulders and knees under hips  3. Extend your feet out behind you and come ontoContinue reading “Day 5 Core Challenge – Knee to Elbow”

Day 3 Core Challenge – Plank

Another day, another core exercise. Today we are focusing on a plank. This is a good exercise and one of my favorites. It not only works out your shoulder, but also your abdominals. Instructions:  1. Come onto your mat  2. Hands under shoulders and knees under hips  3. Extend your feet out behind you andContinue reading “Day 3 Core Challenge – Plank”

Day 1 Core Challenge- Bird Dog

It is the beginning of our challenge. For our first core exercise we are looking at a really good one known as bird dog. Come check out how to get into bird dog. If you want to read the instructions, here they are: Come onto your hands and knees Hands are under shoulders and kneesContinue reading “Day 1 Core Challenge- Bird Dog”