God’s Love Meditation

Its that time again… A new week means a new meditation. Today we are going to focus on how God wants us to love. He called us all to love one another and be kind to each other. Yes, I know it’s hard. Some people can be extremely rude and disrespectful. I get that. ButContinue reading “God’s Love Meditation”

Day 19 – Hip Opener

Day 19- Hip Opener! One of my favorite poses that I enjoy getting into is Ragdoll. Sometimes when my hamstrings or low back is a little too tight, you can find me in rag doll. I can be at home or at work. It doesn’t matter this poses is great. Feel free to give itContinue reading “Day 19 – Hip Opener”

Day 18 Hip Opener

Day 18 of Hip Opening! We are getting closer and closer to that finish line! If you’ve been sticking with me CONGRATS! The pose featured today is one of my all time favorite for tight hips- Fire Hydrant. It really helps free up that hip, while also making you hold the 3 legged dog pose.Continue reading “Day 18 Hip Opener”

Diaphragmatic Breath

It’s Monday! Some of you may be filled with dread and others may be excited to attack the week. But either way, on Mondays…we meditate! So if you want to learn how to meditate come stop by every Monday to learn various types. If you aren’t in to chanting…Good, because I’m not either. I don’tContinue reading “Diaphragmatic Breath”

Day 27

Wow! Can you believe that we are almost done with our 30 day meditation challenge? I can’t! One of my all time favorite meditations is Full Body. I believe I did one previously, but it literally works to help relax your whole entire body especially if you need to chill or out or get readyContinue reading “Day 27”