How do you spend the holidays?

Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year to gather and spend time with loved ones. Some people love it and some people hate it. I would think that extroverts can’t wait to join the crowds, while introverts cringe at the thought. For me I’m a little bit of an extrovert, but moreContinue reading “How do you spend the holidays?”

Upper Back Stretch – Child’s pose with Lateral flexion

Sometimes my lats can get super tight and I feel like I can’t get a good stretch with them. When that occurs, I try to get into Child’s pose, but I do something different with my arms and hands, I reach out to the right or the left side. Adding that lateral flexion (right orContinue reading “Upper Back Stretch – Child’s pose with Lateral flexion”

Upper Back Sequence – Thread the Needle

Next in our series for yoga poses that can stretch your upper back, we are going to work on a pose known as Thread the needle. I usually put this pose in the beginning of my classes when trying to warm up and stretch, but I also use it in my Yin classes as well.Continue reading “Upper Back Sequence – Thread the Needle”

Upper Back Sequence – Cat Cow

Our backs can get stiff in various areas. For me my upper back can get pretty tense depending on what I’m doing all day long, including lifting too heavy, tensing my shoulders, etc. So for the next few Wednesday’s I’m going to be showing you some yoga moves that can help bring some relief. TodayContinue reading “Upper Back Sequence – Cat Cow”

Le Creuset – The Deep Dutch Oven

My last day at Le Creuset was yesterday. If I forgot to mention this, I worked at Le Creuset part time for the past few months on top of having a full time job. I’m sad to see my time there has ended, but I was able to buy and also sell a lot ofContinue reading “Le Creuset – The Deep Dutch Oven”

Knee Sequence – Child’s Pose

I know we are strengthening the knee, but we also need to stretch it as well. One pose that can do this is Child’s pose. Start in table top (on your hands and knees) and shift your hips back towards your heels with your arms stretched out in front of you as if you areContinue reading “Knee Sequence – Child’s Pose”

Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

Fall is here y’all! That means sweater dresses, boots, and PUMPKIN SPICE! When the weather gets chilly I always want a nice hot breakfast. I love oatmeal, but let’s be honest. After a while it can get a little boring. So I’m doing something that combines both oats and pumpkin… a pumpkin oatmeal bake. ThisContinue reading “Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake”

Le Creuset Holiday Gifts Full Video

If you missed our Le Creuset Holiday gift posts, don’t worry I have you covered. Check out this full video. Which person are you shopping for? Were there any gifts that caught your eye? Let us know!

Le Creuset Gifts for The Chef

THE CHEF We are sliding into home with our last person to shop for this season. Do you have anyone who is the cook of the house? The person who literally makes most of the meals and they are always looking for the perfect vessel to cook their food in? If so consider these items:Continue reading “Le Creuset Gifts for The Chef”