Knee Sequence – Child’s Pose

I know we are strengthening the knee, but we also need to stretch it as well. One pose that can do this is Child’s pose. Start in table top (on your hands and knees) and shift your hips back towards your heels with your arms stretched out in front of you as if you areContinue reading “Knee Sequence – Child’s Pose”

Day 3 – Child’s pose with blocks

I think everyone likes a nice chill pose in yoga. So to make you feel a little bit more open in the shoulders, but also relaxed overall we are going to go into a child’s pose but instead of having our hands directly on the floor we will have them on blocks. Comment below andContinue reading “Day 3 – Child’s pose with blocks”

Back Sequence – Child’s Pose

Every time we go through a back sequence we always counterbalance with a pose to chill out your back. And to finish our back journey, we are going to rest in the final pose – child’s pose. Enjoy this pose, you’ve earned it! Child’s Pose Start in table top (on your hands and knees) andContinue reading “Back Sequence – Child’s Pose”