Le Creuset Gifts for The Chef


We are sliding into home with our last person to shop for this season. Do you have anyone who is the cook of the house? The person who literally makes most of the meals and they are always looking for the perfect vessel to cook their food in? If so consider these items:

Gifts for The Chef

5 and 1/4 deep dutch oven: This enamel coated dutch oven is beautiful to look at, but even better to cook with. It’s similar to the other dutch ovens, but its sides are higher to protect you from splashes or pops, and overflows. And because the sides are higher, the base is actually narrower. So it takes up less room on your stove top. And you may be thinking, does she have one? Yes, yes I do! I got mine in deep teal and I LOVE IT! If I have to have two dutch ovens going at once, I pop this one on along with my 7.25 qt dutch oven because the deep dutch oven allows me the room to do so. And of course it’s really pretty! But remember, you’ll want to use a wooden utensil or silicone coated utensils when stirring or ladling so you don’t scratch the enamel. 

Deep Dutch Oven in Indigo

Balti dish- This is a 3 quart cast iron enameled bowl with handles. You can cook with it on the stove top, but also place it in the oven as well. Just depends on what you are cooking. The chef could make curries in it or Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, or even roasted veggies. The options are limitless. 

Silicone handle grippers- To complete these two items, consider grabbing the silicone grippers to protect their hands when these two cast iron products get a little too warm or hot to handle. You can keep them on while the dutch oven or Balti dish is on the stove top, but if you transfer them into the oven, take the grippers off. 

Well, there you have it. These are some of the items that can be found at Le Creuset to help you shop for the entertainer, baker, coffee & tea drinker, and chef in your life. Le Creuset has an outlet in Monroe, OH where the staff can help you find your perfect gift. And trust me they will help, after all they helped me find all my current pieces. And full disclosure, their items are best cast iron or stoneware that I’ve added to my kitchen.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Le Creuset Gifts for The Entertainer


Who is the entertainer in your life? 

This is the person who usually hosts any special gatherings – the holiday meals, friend’s birthday parties, and any other special events. 

What to buy the entertainer:

At Le Creuset we have a variety of gifts for the entertainer in your life. 

Oblong wooden plank/board- This board is a sturdy, beautiful, rich wooden piece. It can be used for a variety of different purposes including: as a serving dish, also a charcuterie board (or other type of board- dessert or veggie board). 

Petite Cookie Plates- If you know anyone who loves to theme their parties around Christmas you have to get these two cookie plates. Le Creuset has two of the cutest plates around- A snowman and a tree. They are a part of the stoneware line and are microwaveable, dishwasher, and oven safe. You can literally use them as cookie plates for Santa or your guests. You could even put a dip in there as well. 

Snowflake Plate – If you want a show stopper piece, then consider the snowflake plate. This beauty will be the center piece of any table. You can put sweet treats on top or even a lovely brunch quiche. After you look at it for bit, you may even want to break out in to song, “Let It Go!”

You can shop at a Le Creuset outlet in Monroe, Ohio. There the staff will be more than happy to help you select your holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Le Creuset Gifts for The Coffee & Tea Drinkers


In my line of work I have to ask my clients what do you like to drink and it’s a split. Some LOVE their coffee and some LOVE their tea. So I am sure you have some major coffee or tea drinkers in your life as well. Here are some tips on what to gift them:

French Press- This stoneware piece is the perfect addition to any household. It brings a pop of color into the kitchen, but also the joy of caffeine! It’s super simple to use, boil hot water and while that is going, grind your coffee beans. Take out the plunger then pop in the coffee, pouring the hot water on top, let it sit for 5-10 mins and then push the plunger down. Easy as pie. And speaking of a dessert, maybe you’d want to grab a cookie to go with it. 

Coffee and Tea Drinker Gifts

Cups- There are a variety of different cups at Le Creuset. One of our mugs is a generous 14 oz cup that can be used for hot or cold beverages. They also have the Extra-Large Logo Mug. This mug can contain 20 oz of any beverage. It has the Le Creuset name written along the mug and can be found in a variety of bright, cheerful colors. And to be honest, I’d probably swipe this cup for myself because lets be honest everyone needs a good 20 oz of coffee to get through the day!

Stone tea kettle- As for your favorite tea drinker, Le Creuset has a stone tea kettle just for them. It comes in a variety of colors just like the French Press. This kettle does not go on the stove though, but you can heat up water and pour it into the stone kettle. Just remember to pour in your loose tea into the filter and our the hot water on top. Then let it sit for five minutes or so depending on the tea that you are steeping. Then pour yourself and your friend a nice big cup. 

Classic Whistling Kettle- This kettle is actually made with enamel on steel and can go onto your stove top. It is covered in a fast-heating premium carbon steel glaze that can be found in a variety of colors. One great feature besides how fast and how hot it can heat up water, is the fact it whistles when the water begins to boil. How cook and fun is that? Personally, I have one and I love it. Besides my brasier and dutch ovens, one of my best buys in the past year. But don’t forget to make it really special, make sure to get 2 or 4 matching cups to complete the piece. 

Please stop by the Monroe, Ohio, Le Creuset outlet. There the staff can help you navigate through this holiday season and pick the perfect gift.

Le Creuset Gifts for The Baker


Do you have a loved one that no matter what time of year, you can always find them in the kitchen baking up a storm? If so these items would be great for them.

Two piece stoneware baking dishes- I feel like every baker needs the perfect square container to bake a classic, brownies. Well, there is a Heritage Square Baking Dish that comes in a set of 2. The colors vary and can match any of your cast iron pieces or other stoneware. But the larger square is 8×8 (2 quart) and the smaller square is 5×5 (18 oz). You can always bake brownies or cookie bars in the 8×8 or even a egg casserole for a make ahead breakfast or brunch. Then use the 5×5 for dips or a sauce. These are stoneware, so you can use them in the microwave and oven, but not on top of the stove. 

2 Piece Heritage Bake Pans

Roasting/baking pans- Le Creuset’s bakeware really is something special. I do have their bakeware and very little oil or butter is needed because anything I bake in them literally slides right out. But there is a two piece set of baking/roasting pans. So you can either make brownies and a rectangular cake in these pans or use them to roast a chicken or some veggies. Not only can you use it for baking, but also for cooking. I consider that a win in my book! Just remember you may want to grab a silicone spatula to help move things in the pan, the silicone will prevent you from scratching the pans. 

Stainless Steel mixing bowls- Any baker needs a great set of mixing bowls. And did I tell you I have them as well. These bowls are fantastic because it comes in a set of 3. We have the large, medium, and small bowl. AND they even come with lids for each one, so you can always keep your items covered. Just make sure you stir with a silicone whisk or spatula to ensure you don’t scratch your favorite new mixing bowls.

But to make sure you grab one of these, stop by the Monroe Outlet Le Creuset to get them. Grab them before they are gone.

Holiday Gift Ideas with Le Creuset

The Holiday season is among us!

Is it just me or did it seem like I blinked and bam! We are already in November. I personally love the holidays. It’s that time of year where I can bake to my heart’s content and then off load it on all my friends and family. But there is one down side to the holidays… trying to find the perfect gift for all of your loved ones.

I find it stressful because I think about each person and consider their likes and dislikes. I don’t want to give them just any gift. I want to pick out the perfect gift. You know the one where they think back to all of their past Christmas’ they think about the gift you got them and they just say, “That was the best gift.”

Yes I know that’s a tall order to fill, but I can do it. And so can you! I’ve partnered with Le Creuset and together we are going to show you the perfect gift for anyone in your house. We are focusing on five distinct categories – The Entertainer, The Coffee Drinker, The Tea Drinker, The Baker, and The Chef.

So come along for the ride, but please be warned. You may love this stuff so much that you may want to buy it for yourself as well.

Click on the links below for the type of person you are shopping for to see the great gifts Le Creuset has to offer.

The Entertainer

The Coffee and Tea Drinker

The Baker

The Chef

Let me know below who you are trying to shop for out of the 5 different types of people we described.

Knee Sequence – Chair pose

Chair or Utkatasana is a great pose. It is essentially a yoga squat that helps to strengthen your knees and also your quadriceps and glutes. If you’ve ever been to a yoga class then you’ve probably already done this pose before and can attest to it being a little challenging, but very rewarding as well.

How to get into chair pose:

  • Come to the top of your mat
  • Bring your feet together, or you can have them hip distance apart. Whichever feels best for you body.
  • Bring a slight engagement into your core (core brace).
  • Bring the weight of your body into your heels
  • Sink your hips back, as if you are going to sit in a chair, while maintaining the core brace
  • As you sink down into an imaginary chair, raise your arms overhead with palms facing one another
  • Draw the shoulders away from the ears, relaxing the shoulders
  • And bring your hands together for to heart center

What areas of your body were burning in this pose? Is this a new favorite of yours now? It’s a go to for me.

Day 13 – Spider Arms

What a creepy name, right? I can’t stand spiders. The way they move and then scurry to hide. And then I’m left contemplating whether I stay or go? Or possible get a lighter? Who knows! But this stretch known as spider arms can help alleviate any stiffness that you may have. Creepiness aside, let’s give it a go!

  1. Lay flat on your belly.
  2. Bring your arms out to the sides like in a T- formation.
  3. Lay your hands on the floor and come onto the tips of fingers.
  4. When ready bend your right arm slightly as you move your upper body to the right, then over to the left. It should feel a little fluid and there should a slight stretch within your shoulders.
  5. Do this for about 10 times on each side.

Let me know how you feel after this move. Was it that bad?

Day 12 – Overhead Wrist Pull

I used to do the overhead wrist pull all the time when I felt my shoulders get really tight. I always feel good after this stretch. Follow the directions below to try it.

  1. Find a nice comfortable seated position
  2. Sit up tall
  3. Take your right arm over head and with your left arm grip your right wrist.
  4. Gently pull it over to the opposite side.
  5. When ready switch to the other arm and repeat.

Day 11 – Overhead Tricep Stretch

3 more days left in our challenge. I hope you are feeling better and more open in your shoulders. You may have done this stretch before possibly at the gym, but we are working on the overhead tricep stretch.

  1. Find a nice comfortable seated position.
  2. Draw your shoulders away from your ears.
  3. Bring your right arm over your head and bend your elbow. And place your left hand on top of your right elbow and bring your arms toward the back of your head.
  4. When ready switch to the opposite side.

Day 10 – Easy pose with arms behind your back

Easy pose is a simple yoga pose you can do while quietly sitting and watching tv. But to open your shoulders, we need to focus on putting your arms behind your back. I love when I can do two things at once.

  • Sit on your mat with your knees bent and out to the sides. 
  • Bring left foot in towards your pelvis and take your right foot slightly in front of your left foot so that they’re not touching.
  • Inhale and lengthen through your spine sitting nice and tall
  • Hands in prayer position or loosely on your knees
  • Relax the forehead and the space between the eyebrows
  • Tilt the chin so it’s parallel to the floor
  • Relax the shoulders away from the ears
  • Then bring your right arm behind your lower back and then bring your left hand behind your back. Have right hand grab left forearm and left hand grabs right forearm.
  • Breath through any discomfort.
  • Keep your back and torso long.
  • Tilt the pelvis slightly forward