Day 18

Sometimes in life we unfortunately get sick, however there is one person that can heal anything and anyone, God. All anyone needs is a touch from the one and only God! He is mighty to save, he protects, and he heals. So listen and focus on your healing as we listen to the promises that God has for his children, us!

What are you praying for in regards to healing? Comment below and I’ll make sure I pray with you on that issue.

Day 15

Is it really already day 15 of our meditation challenge? We are half way through and making major changes in 2022! Have you thought about what you have to be grateful for at the beginning of this year? A new job promotion? A raise? New awesome friends?

Whatever it is, in this grateful meditation you can focus on what you are most grateful for. Comment below to tell me what you are most grateful for in your life right now?

Day 13

I’m strutting into this week like I own the place, because guess what? We do own the place. I feel calmer and ready to take the day by the horns, or be like a shark and attack the day! Yeah, let’s all be sharks and attack the day. As we get ready to start our days, let’s check in with our bodies with a full body meditation.

These types of meditations are my favorite because not only do they have me check in with myself, but they also lull me to sleep when I’m wide awake!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to tell me how you are doing on this journey.

Day 12

We are now 12 days in! Feel super accomplished because you have started to create an awesome habit of meditating on a daily basis. I love to travel, but given what’s going on and how we are all limited to staying put for now, I created this jungle meditation. When you can’t go to the jungle, you have the jungle come to you!

Day 11

We are almost half way there, just a few more days and you will have spent half of January creating a new habit, meditating. I am having so much fun with this meditation challenge. I feel lighter and calmer with each day that passes. But there is one thing that I enjoy more than meditation, coffee! So take the time and enjoy this coffee meditation.

Tell me below how it went.

Coffee Meditation

Day 10

We are off to another fresh start this week. Are you ready? Well, if you’ve been struggling with lack of focus and too many distractions. Today is day 10 of our meditation challenge and we are focusing on Monkey Mind Meditation.

Monkey Mind Meditation was one of the first ones that I learned and I LOVE it!

Let me know how you did with it, comment below.

Monkey Mind Meditation

Day 9

Its the beginning of a new week! Who is excited for that? I know I am. With a new week, it means new possibilities and opportunities. But there is something else I love too, the rain. Anytime there is rain I look at it as a cleansing. So enjoy this lovely rain meditation.

Rain Meditation

Let me know how the meditation challenge is going for you below.