Stuck in a Genre

We all have our favorite genres that we love to read, right? For me my favorites would be paranormal romance, mystery, and thrillers. But do you write, what you love to read? For me I’ve been navigating the paranormal romance field for quite some time. That genre typically had the books that had the strongContinue reading “Stuck in a Genre”

What if they don’t like it?

Anytime we try something new, it can be extremely nerve-racking. Numerous questions start to plague you- Am I doing it right? Could it be better? Are people even going to like it? Personally, when I started writing, those were and still are the thoughts and questions that I have. I don’t have a background inContinue reading “What if they don’t like it?”

What the…Block?

It happened. Every writers worst nightmare! I was trudging along trying to write my short story, when it occurred. I couldn’t think anymore, my character was stuck in front of a building. Where do I go from here? Where? Where?! I tried writing other scenes and then came back to it. Nothing! Not even aContinue reading “What the…Block?”

Writing your story

I love to write. It’s a nice way to just escape life and create your own characters and see how they do in certain situations. Sometimes what I write really surprises me. It really does. I’m always wondering how did I come up with this? Is anybody else surprised too with their writing? When IContinue reading “Writing your story”

To Write

I honestly used to hate reading. Does anyone remember the accelerated reader program in school? You know where you had to read books for points? It killed my love of reading because I couldn’t read the books I was truly interested in. Of course the books I liked were never on the list. Thanks toContinue reading “To Write”