Good to Great Writing Class Review

Over the last few years I’ve taken a few writing classes from LitReactor. I really enjoy taking these classes because I can see that my writing has started to improve. I no longer think about stories the way I used to in the past. One of the classes that I recently took in November 2022 was Bradley Beaulieu’s Good to Great. This class was a continuation of his previous class that I’d taken a few weeks prior, Science Fiction and Fantasy Toolkit. I liked his first class so much I wanted to take the next one.

This class was also a 4 week course. Each week Bradley would speak about a topic he felt needed our attention to help turn our book or idea from good to great. For week 1 we discussed connective tissue. This included techniques that could be used to strengthen your story. Week two followed up with pattern recognition. Bradley identified patterns that can be seen in various bestselling books in regards to plot and character. And weeks three and four as it’s all entertainment. These two weeks focused on certain techniques that could increase the entertainment for our readers and make them want to keep reading.

Each week there was a lecture on the particular topic Bradley was discussing as well as a homework assignment to turn in. He always gave us about a week to complete each assignment. And for me that was more than enough time. I usually turned mine in a few days early, mainly because on occasion I didn’t know what else to do with the assignment, I’d hit a dead end. I could’t think anymore. And once I turned it in I figured I was done. Bradley always gives feedback and is super encouraging. He continues to deep dive into the individual worlds his students build. In this class he continued to see where we were currently in our writing and also could tell from his experience where we were trying to go. With that in mind, he would give examples using your characters of what you could do next or books that might help you. I really appreciated that. I’m now a lot further in my thought process in regards to the novel I am currently working on. And I know that without this class it probably wouldn’t have happened.

If you are on LitReactor and see this class being offered and you want to write a novel. I would say don’t second guess! Take It! It was well wor

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