Anacortes, WA

When I am craving time away from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life I usually plan a trip out to my favorite place in the whole wide world- Anacortes, WA. I don’t know why, but when I first went to Seattle I just fell in love with the area. Some would argue that it rains there all the time, but me… I’m like who cares? I love that too! Just sit me down in a nice cozy chair with a large cup of coffee and I am at peace. Typically, I go to Seattle and make my way to the coast of Anacortes at least once a year or every 2 years. If you fly in to Seattle and then drive north for about an hour you’ll find yourself in the most beautiful lush green area – Anacortes.

Anacortes is right along the Skagit River and it empties out into Puget sound. We recently drove up there and stayed at a AirBNB in the downtown area of Anacortes. The airbnb was cute. It had a full kitchen and two bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a large living room and garage. I really enjoyed my time there. The only thing I would complain about was the fact the mattresses were hard and I couldn’t sleep well. Other than that it was fine. Since we had a kitchen we went to one of the local supermarkets, there are about two of them there and bought some essentials so we could cook breakfast and a dinner, but go out and enjoy the local food at lunch time. One of our friends who happens to live in Seattle joined Ari and I. She is an amazing cook and said she’d be in charge of the cooking. And of course we didn’t mind because everything she cooks is delicious!

The downtown area was very quaint with various small businesses lining the street. There were bookstores, an ice cream/fudge shop, clothing stores, a few restaurants, and the pier. We were actually within staying within walking distance from the shops, so most days my sister and I would take a leisurely walk just to get out and wander around. We felt completely safe and after a day of just walking about remembered where everything was. They do have a Starbucks there and we did go there just to chill and also start planning out what we wanted to do for the upcoming year. But we also made plans for what we wanted to do in the area as well.

One thing that I would recommend is speaking to the business owners or employees. They can tell you where you may want to go for food or for entertainment. We spoke to one of the workers at the fudge/ice cream store and she told us that we definitely would want to go whale watching. Apparently, there were some orcas in the area. Little did she know, we already planned on doing that. But it made me feel better hearing this, because I’ve been whale watching three times already, and hadn’t been able to see the whales I dreamt about seeing in the wild… the orca. The employee also suggested that we go over to Deception Pass if we wanted to spend time out in nature and enjoy the quiet. Deception Pass is a State Park that has the most beautiful view of the water and also covered areas for hiking. We definitely made plans to go there as well, because we wanted to hike for a bit.

If you are an outdoor type of person then I would highly suggest going to Anacortes. Have you been there before? If so, what did you end up doing out there?

In my next post I’ll talk about Deception Pass and also our whale watching tour.

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