Sci-Fi and Fantasy Toolkit Review

If you ever ask a writer about writing, they will tell you it’s a never ending learning process. I’ve been writing for a few years now and honestly I feel like there is so much to learn. One of my friends told me about a website where writers can take writing classes from authors/editors that can help build your writing muscles. The site is called LitReactor. 

Since she’s told me about this site, I’ve been taking a few classes a year. I’ve taken mainly classes geared toward short stories. The main author that taught these classes was Richard Thomas (I’ll be doing reviews) and I really enjoyed them. But this year I saw one geared towards fantasy and science fiction. I typically don’t read that much fantasy, but I did read LightLark and Under the Oak Tree and really loved both books. Last year, I saw The Science Fiction and Fantasy Toolkit class with Bradley Beaulieu, being offered, but forgot to register. This time when I saw it I jumped and signed up. I was excited to take the class, but halfway through I realized this was a must take class.

Bradley Beaulieu is the author of the fantasy series The Song of the Shattered Sands. The class was 4 weeks long with a lecture and assignment each week. Bradley had great writing topics each week and demonstrated each one with examples that everyone would be familiar with. I appreciated this because for the longest time I only read the vampire genre, but he chose fantasy best sellers. His topics helped me realize what was missing in my own in-progress novel. Each one of the topics that he discusses in detail, I’ve wondered about but didn’t know how or where to go to understand it. Well, he took care of it for me. He broke down each of his topics in easy to understand chunks with lots of examples. I learn best with examples, it helps me know if I’m doing my own homework assignment correctly and know if I’m on the right track. What I really appreciated was the fact he also linked a few writing books that had helped him along his own journey to crafting better stories. And yes I did buy a few of the books (actual books, not kindle form). 

When I turned in my homework each week, Bradley took his time and gave his full attention to the assignment I submitted. His feedback was invaluable. He took the time to get to know my characters/plot, and gave constructive criticism while also giving examples of what I could do with my work. I get in my head a lot, so it was nice to have someone help me see what my other options were/are. 

Thanks to his expertise he was able to tell me what my genre is based on what I like to read and where my novel seemed to be going. Urban Fantasy. I kept thinking mine was just paranormal. I didn’t know. He even named some authors in that particular genre that he thought I might like to read to know what was in that field and how I might be compared to them. This advice was really worth while. 

Based on all of the topics that were covered, I now know what needs to be added to my story. I no longer feel like I’m spinning my wheels, I have more ideas to run with. This class made me excited to write again!

If you want to learn how to write or increase the tools in your writing toolbox, then look into taking his class. I’m currently in the middle of taking his second class which is a continuation of the first one. I’ll review it once I’ve completed it, but I’m really enjoying it as well. 

Happy Writing! But comment below if you’ve taken any writing classes, if so what what it and where did you find it?

For more information on the classes litreactor has to offer, check out

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