How do you spend the holidays?

Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year to gather and spend time with loved ones. Some people love it and some people hate it. I would think that extroverts can’t wait to join the crowds, while introverts cringe at the thought. For me I’m a little bit of an extrovert, but more of an introvert. I’m kind of a mix.

My sister and I usually don’t have any traditions. Growing up in a military family, sometimes we traveled during the holidays. So after a few years on our own we had to create our own traditions.

  1. We like to bake cookies. Sometimes we make 1 to 3 different types depending on our mood and time constraints. But our go to’s are – Sugar, Gingerbread, and White chocolate macadamia nut. Now, we don’t make all the cookies at once. What we like to do is make all the batters a few weeks in advance and then freeze them half of it. Then when we are ready to bake we only make a few at a time. Easy Peezy! But I will make a good coffee cake any day of the week.
  2. Watch movies. Around this time of year we finally have free time so we pick a few movies to binge watch that we haven’t been able to see during the year. We usually go for action, adventure, and thrillers.
  3. Get together with friends and family- Since we’ve all been separated for the past few months to years we also like to schedule time with family and friends. So we will either meet at a restaurant, book store, or at someone’s house and enjoy the company with some good food.
  4. Books. I love to be around friends and family, but I also love my books. This is a great time for me to binge read all the books I couldn’t read when I was busy at with work. I like to read urban fantasy, paranormal romance, thrillers, and mysteries.

Everyone has their favorite traditions during this time of year. These were some of our our traditions, but what are some of yours?

Merry Christmas!

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