Upper Back Sequence – Cat Cow

Our backs can get stiff in various areas. For me my upper back can get pretty tense depending on what I’m doing all day long, including lifting too heavy, tensing my shoulders, etc. So for the next few Wednesday’s I’m going to be showing you some yoga moves that can help bring some relief.

Today we are focusing on a classic move that is typically at the beginning of most yoga classes to help warm up your spine. Say hello to cat cow.

Follow along with this video below:

Or if you like to read in order to get into a pose check out the description below:

Cat cow

  • Come into table top
    • Inhale into Cow pose
      • Inhaling, lift your head so your gaze is towards the sky; lift tailbone to the sky; 
      • Lengthen you body from tailbone to your chin; Keep your knees and feet hip width apart. 
      • Toes continuing to curl into the mat
      • Maintaining a line among your wrists, elbows, and shoulders
  • Exhale into Cat
    • Come into tabletop
    • Press into your mat (hands and toes)
    • Round your back, tucking your chin towards your chest, and tucking your tailbone in
    • Breathe into the space between your shoulder blades
  • Feel your body start to loosen as you warm up alternating between cat/cow. 
  • Continue to do this for a few breaths alternating between the two asanas at your own pace.

Were you able to feel your upper back start to loosen up? Could you see yourself doing this at home on a regular basis?

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