Le Creuset – The Deep Dutch Oven

My last day at Le Creuset was yesterday. If I forgot to mention this, I worked at Le Creuset part time for the past few months on top of having a full time job. I’m sad to see my time there has ended, but I was able to buy and also sell a lot of great cookware.

About a week before my final day, our store received the color I’d been waiting for in the deep dutch oven. Deep teal. Have you seen this color? It’s absolutely gorgeous! So, I had to get it. You may be thinking, “How many dutch ovens do you need?” And I’d say, “Six. I have one for each occasion. And I didn’t have a deep teal, so I had to add to my collection.”

So why did I get it? Yes, mainly the color. But also because I like the narrow base of this 5.25 quart Deep Dutch Oven. This one actually takes up less room on the stove top, which is nice when I am cooking with two dutch ovens on the stove. Another great aspect of this particular dutch oven, is the fact that the sides are higher and can actually help prevent you from being splashed. Just remember don’t overfill it.

You can use it on an induction stove as well, remember that if you need to move the pot, raise it up, then move it and gently place it back down. If you drag it across the stove (induction with the glass top) it may scratch it.

I broke this bad boy out when my sister and I were making a Mexican Hot Chocolate. And it was delicious. I actually have a video of us making it. I hope you enjoy it, but I also hope you run out to a Le Creuset outlet or store near you and pick one up. Trust me, it’ll make a great gift!

Mexican Hot Chocolate in Deep Dutch Oven

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