Le Creuset Gifts for The Coffee & Tea Drinkers


In my line of work I have to ask my clients what do you like to drink and it’s a split. Some LOVE their coffee and some LOVE their tea. So I am sure you have some major coffee or tea drinkers in your life as well. Here are some tips on what to gift them:

French Press- This stoneware piece is the perfect addition to any household. It brings a pop of color into the kitchen, but also the joy of caffeine! It’s super simple to use, boil hot water and while that is going, grind your coffee beans. Take out the plunger then pop in the coffee, pouring the hot water on top, let it sit for 5-10 mins and then push the plunger down. Easy as pie. And speaking of a dessert, maybe you’d want to grab a cookie to go with it. 

Coffee and Tea Drinker Gifts

Cups- There are a variety of different cups at Le Creuset. One of our mugs is a generous 14 oz cup that can be used for hot or cold beverages. They also have the Extra-Large Logo Mug. This mug can contain 20 oz of any beverage. It has the Le Creuset name written along the mug and can be found in a variety of bright, cheerful colors. And to be honest, I’d probably swipe this cup for myself because lets be honest everyone needs a good 20 oz of coffee to get through the day!

Stone tea kettle- As for your favorite tea drinker, Le Creuset has a stone tea kettle just for them. It comes in a variety of colors just like the French Press. This kettle does not go on the stove though, but you can heat up water and pour it into the stone kettle. Just remember to pour in your loose tea into the filter and our the hot water on top. Then let it sit for five minutes or so depending on the tea that you are steeping. Then pour yourself and your friend a nice big cup. 

Classic Whistling Kettle- This kettle is actually made with enamel on steel and can go onto your stove top. It is covered in a fast-heating premium carbon steel glaze that can be found in a variety of colors. One great feature besides how fast and how hot it can heat up water, is the fact it whistles when the water begins to boil. How cook and fun is that? Personally, I have one and I love it. Besides my brasier and dutch ovens, one of my best buys in the past year. But don’t forget to make it really special, make sure to get 2 or 4 matching cups to complete the piece. 

Please stop by the Monroe, Ohio, Le Creuset outlet. There the staff can help you navigate through this holiday season and pick the perfect gift.

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