Le Creuset Gifts for The Baker


Do you have a loved one that no matter what time of year, you can always find them in the kitchen baking up a storm? If so these items would be great for them.

Two piece stoneware baking dishes- I feel like every baker needs the perfect square container to bake a classic, brownies. Well, there is a Heritage Square Baking Dish that comes in a set of 2. The colors vary and can match any of your cast iron pieces or other stoneware. But the larger square is 8×8 (2 quart) and the smaller square is 5×5 (18 oz). You can always bake brownies or cookie bars in the 8×8 or even a egg casserole for a make ahead breakfast or brunch. Then use the 5×5 for dips or a sauce. These are stoneware, so you can use them in the microwave and oven, but not on top of the stove. 

2 Piece Heritage Bake Pans

Roasting/baking pans- Le Creuset’s bakeware really is something special. I do have their bakeware and very little oil or butter is needed because anything I bake in them literally slides right out. But there is a two piece set of baking/roasting pans. So you can either make brownies and a rectangular cake in these pans or use them to roast a chicken or some veggies. Not only can you use it for baking, but also for cooking. I consider that a win in my book! Just remember you may want to grab a silicone spatula to help move things in the pan, the silicone will prevent you from scratching the pans. 

Stainless Steel mixing bowls- Any baker needs a great set of mixing bowls. And did I tell you I have them as well. These bowls are fantastic because it comes in a set of 3. We have the large, medium, and small bowl. AND they even come with lids for each one, so you can always keep your items covered. Just make sure you stir with a silicone whisk or spatula to ensure you don’t scratch your favorite new mixing bowls.

But to make sure you grab one of these, stop by the Monroe Outlet Le Creuset to get them. Grab them before they are gone.

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