Holiday Gift Ideas with Le Creuset

The Holiday season is among us!

Is it just me or did it seem like I blinked and bam! We are already in November. I personally love the holidays. It’s that time of year where I can bake to my heart’s content and then off load it on all my friends and family. But there is one down side to the holidays… trying to find the perfect gift for all of your loved ones.

I find it stressful because I think about each person and consider their likes and dislikes. I don’t want to give them just any gift. I want to pick out the perfect gift. You know the one where they think back to all of their past Christmas’ they think about the gift you got them and they just say, “That was the best gift.”

Yes I know that’s a tall order to fill, but I can do it. And so can you! I’ve partnered with Le Creuset and together we are going to show you the perfect gift for anyone in your house. We are focusing on five distinct categories – The Entertainer, The Coffee Drinker, The Tea Drinker, The Baker, and The Chef.

So come along for the ride, but please be warned. You may love this stuff so much that you may want to buy it for yourself as well.

Click on the links below for the type of person you are shopping for to see the great gifts Le Creuset has to offer.

The Entertainer

The Coffee and Tea Drinker

The Baker

The Chef

Let me know below who you are trying to shop for out of the 5 different types of people we described.

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