Day 10 – Easy pose with arms behind your back

Easy pose is a simple yoga pose you can do while quietly sitting and watching tv. But to open your shoulders, we need to focus on putting your arms behind your back. I love when I can do two things at once.

  • Sit on your mat with your knees bent and out to the sides. 
  • Bring left foot in towards your pelvis and take your right foot slightly in front of your left foot so that they’re not touching.
  • Inhale and lengthen through your spine sitting nice and tall
  • Hands in prayer position or loosely on your knees
  • Relax the forehead and the space between the eyebrows
  • Tilt the chin so it’s parallel to the floor
  • Relax the shoulders away from the ears
  • Then bring your right arm behind your lower back and then bring your left hand behind your back. Have right hand grab left forearm and left hand grabs right forearm.
  • Breath through any discomfort.
  • Keep your back and torso long.
  • Tilt the pelvis slightly forward

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