Day 6 – Down Dog

One oldie but goodie is down dog. Anyone who has ever participated in a yoga class has done at least one down dog. And they are so good for you, despite it being uncomfortable for beginners (trust me I hated it too). But its awesome for the shoulders. So let’s give it a go.

  • Begin on all fours – Table top
  • Spread your fingers as wide as you can and dig them into your mat like a rock climber
    • Weight should be evenly distributed into your palm and fingers
  • Lift your hips to the sky
  • Arms shoulder width apart with no tension in the back of the neck
  • Press the mat away for long armpits; keep your spine long
  • Gaze towards your navel
  • Feet are hip width apart
  • And heels are to the ground; if they can’t reach the ground that’s fine- Hammies are too tight
  • Breath your way through the pose

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