Back Sequence – 1/2 Spinal Twist

Another great back stretch is the spinal twist. This is a wonderful move to get some movement into the spine in such a way that our spine typically doesn’t move into.

Spinal Twist
  • Spinal Twist
  • Sit on your mat on your sitz bones, back neutral, and feet out in front of you toes facing upward. 
  • Keep your right leg straight and bend the left leg and bring it over so it is planted on the outer side of your right thigh. 
  • Make sure that the bottom of your left foot is completely on your mat. 
  • Take a nice big inhale and feel your spine lengthen and upon exhale twist from the torso over to the left side, placing your right arm on the outer part of your left leg and place your left hand back behind you. 
  • Gaze is on your mat. 
  • As you inhale feel your spine lengthen, exhale try to rotate a little further towards the left side. 

How’d you like this pose? Do you feel the nice stretch in your back?

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