Day 12 – Lunge with strap

I love when I can do one pose and it opens up various areas of my body. In low lunge with a strap it helps to open up one of your hips, but also your chest/shoulders as well. So check out this video and also the instructions below.

  1. Come to the top of your mat
  2. Step your right foot back, and come onto the ball of your right foot
  3. Left leg- bend knee so it is stacked on top of the ankle and there is a 90 degree angle
  4. Gently bring the right knee onto your mat and hinge slightly forward
  5. Hold arms up overhead with palms facing one another; on either side of your head
  6. Relax the shoulders away from the ears

#funjoypeace #maychallenge #Armshoulderopener #relax #cincinnatiyoga 

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