Day 6 – Prone Twist

Another day and another pose for this chest and shoulder opener. And today we are focusing on a Prone twist. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Follow the instructions below, but don’t worry I’m also including a video as well.

  1. Lie down onto your stomach with arms out in a T- formation
  2. Bend the left arm and with hand between your chest and face. 
  3. Bend the left knee and draw the leg to the side resting it on the side of your knee. 
  4. Lie your head on the mat/floor.
  5. And gently push yourself with your left hand, back towards the right side.
  6. Hold and breath for 5 breaths.
  7. When ready try on the opposite side.

#funjoypeace #maychallenge #Armshoulderopener #relax #cincinnatiyoga 

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