Day 5 – Puppy Pose with Blocks

My chest and shoulders are starting to feel a little more open. How about you?

Today we have a pose that I used to dread because it made my triceps ache. But it was my fault because I didn’t stretch and my triceps got too tight. Stretching does help and it occurs in this pose. So let’s try this pose out together.

  1. Find child’s pose. 
  2. Kneel on the floor.
  3. Move your knees hip distance apart.
  4. Bring the tops of your feet to the mat and hinge forward at the hips, moving your glutes back to your heels. And walk your hands out as far as you can go.
  5. Look at where your elbows are and take a block and place it underneath each tricep. Rest your arms on top of the blocks.
  6. Take hands and clasp them behind your head. 
  7. Hold for 5-10 breaths

#funjoypeace #maychallenge #Armshoulderopener #relax #cincinnatiyoga 

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