Day 3- Bent arm against the wall stretch

It’s day 3! How is your chest and shoulders feeling? I hope more open and stretched.

Well here is another stretch. Below are instructions on how to do it. But there is a video underneath as well.

  1. Stand by a corner in the wall (you want to be by the edge)
  2. Stand with one foot in front and the other behind.
  3. Take your left arm and hold it up bending at the elbow 90 degrees. Bring it up to shoulder level and place  your hand and forearm against it the wall.
  4. Gently press away from the wall (rotate your torso in the opposite direction) until you feel the stretch within your shoulder.
  5. Focus on breath
  6. When ready try on the opposite arm.
Shoulder stretch

#funjoypeace #maychallenge #Armshoulderopener #relax #cincinnatiyoga 

Let me know how you feel below.

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