Why writing friends are a must!

Those that write together, stay together! At least that’s what I think. It’s always great when you have a few writing friends that get you and understand what you are trying to create. We need that! It helps foster a sense of safety while your stories may be at their infancy stage; nothing more than a few quibbles on some paper.

In a world where everyone is typically out for themselves. We all need a few people that can band with us when things don’t go well. I have a few writing friends and I find them indispensable. We help one another in a variety of ways. Here are just a few:

  1. They read your work and give constructive criticism.
  2. When you get rude/nasty comments on your work from a class or editor they can help you weed out, whether you are being too sensitive about your work or if the person was indeed a jerk. Yes it does happen.
  3. Help make you a better writer. They can see where you are struggling with an idea and offer you insight.
  4. You can bring a small idea about a story and they get just as excited about it with you. They help you in your creativity.
  5. Keep you accountable. Since you told them you were writing a story, now they keep asking you how it’s going. Now you have to deliver, someone is waiting on you to finish.
  6. They can give you names of authors in a particular genre to help you increase your knowledge of what is already out there. This helps you learn how to craft your idea differently, so it makes your story more unique.
  7. Honestly, they are just fun to have!

If you don’t have any writing friends. You can always try to google writing groups in your area and see what comes up. Just remember, like in normal friendships be careful and give it a little time. Some people are great at creating a cover story for themselves, but then later their true colors are revealed. Don’t want to sound all cryptic, but it does need to be said.

Happy writing and hope you are making those writing friendships.*

*If you have any writing friends stories please comment below and tell me how you guys met. Or if you are on the hunt for some friends let us know who you are looking for.


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