Getting Better at Writing!

I am at the end of my 16-week writers class and I have to say, I’m a little sad. I’ve really enjoyed my time with the instructor and the seven other students. There were many writing techniques that our instructor has introduced to us along the journey with him. Some of the techniques I still haven’t quite mastered, but I like to think that I’m getting close. But one of my biggest concerns and maybe you have it as well is, “Am I getting any better with my writing?”

I have to be honest, taking this course really stretched me. There were a few times where I was literally like, “I’m not sure I can do this!” (That was halfway). The main reason was because I wanted to do really well, but learning something and putting it into practice can be difficult. I’m so used to baking and knowing that if I follow the recipe precisely then I am going to have a perfect delicious treat. Well, sometimes with writing it takes you a few tries to get a technique or a concept down and to execute it well. I have to be patient with myself. And I hope you are as well.

I wondered whether my writing was getting any better and actually asked the instructor. He was honest. He told me (I’m paraphrasing)- You are telling interesting stories. You are understanding the concepts/techniques. Now you just have to put them together. Yes, you are getting better, you just need to continue reading and writing.

When I heard this, I felt better. I was so into the weeds I couldn’t see how I was doing. And sometimes that happens. You may be so close to something, that you can’t see what’s really going on. I think we’ve all been there in life, not just with writing.

One thing that I have noticed is that when I’m writing I can no longer listen to music or go to a coffee shop. I can’t concentrate! I used to be able to do two or three things at once, but not anymore. I asked the instructor about this and he said that was a good sign. That means you are really focusing and you are trying to balance everything that you’ve learned into your story, a pinch of this or a pinch of that. Keep going.

So, as I’m about to close this chapter in my budding writing career, I’m finishing up one assignment – 1,000 word flash fiction horror story. While I craft this story remembering the elements that I need to do it right, I’m starting to see how the different techniques are supposed to work together in a story. And I’m extremely excited for what the next chapter is in my writing.

How is you’re writing coming along? Did you ever have doubts in the beginning? How do you feel now? Comment below. I’m sure we’ve all felt unsure in the beginning.

I finished the 1,000 word story and am currently waiting for feedback. Now I’m writing my fourth and final 4,000 word short story for the class.

Happy Easter everyone! And happy writing!

One thought on “Getting Better at Writing!

  1. I’ve been writing for a living for about a decade now, and I STILL doubt myself often, or I don’t even know if I’m making any progress. So yeah, I guess we never really feel ‘sure’. Anyway, wishing you all the best with your writing journey!

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