What if they don’t like it?

Anytime we try something new, it can be extremely nerve-racking. Numerous questions start to plague you- Am I doing it right? Could it be better? Are people even going to like it? Personally, when I started writing, those were and still are the thoughts and questions that I have. I don’t have a background in English or writing. But, I do have enthusiasm and a love for telling stories. 

When I first started writing I was so worried that no one was going to like my stories. And honestly that thought can be crushing, especially since when you write you are quite literally throwing yourself into the craft. And if you don’t write, just trust me when I say it ain’t easy. I wish it was, but there are so many things that writers have to keep in mind while creating their story. While I write my stories, I often leave with a headache because I’m trying to mind the plot, characters, dialogue, and action. IT’S A LOT!

Although I am in the beginning of my career. Yes, I say career because I want to publish short stories and novels with one particular character of mine one day. But, I had to come to one realization and my sister had to point this out to me. Write for you! No one’s voice is the same. People gravitate towards characters and authors that they can relate to. And if you have friends that like you, nine times out of ten you are going to find readers that like you and your work. 

I said all that to say this- Build and they will come. Trust yourself and the professional opinion of one of your writing instructors or a dear friend (who is trained in this), they need to be someone who really and truly wants to see you succeed. DO NOT GO SHOPPING AROUND FOR OPINIONS, not everyone who is a friend wants to see you succeed. If you remember that now, it’ll save you from taking everyone’s opinion literally. And not every person you speak to has the right to tell you what to do with your story, especially if they have never been to where you aspire to be. That is a whole word in and of itself. 

So what if you run into a person or two who doesn’t like your story. Me- I just smile and say, “I guess you aren’t my target audience. I hope you find someone else’s books you like.” You have to keep it moving, otherwise you will be stuck in paralyzing fear. And no one has time for that.  

I hope you enjoyed my motivating TED talk. But in all seriousness, who cares if someone doesn’t like your story! Because someone else will. Keep going! And make sure you have friends that will support you during the process. And if you don’t, know that I am rooting for you!

Happy writing!


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