Day 23 Hip Opener

Day 23 for Hip Opening Challenge!

Wanna fly like an Eagle? But also stretch your hips? Then let’s try Eagle pose. This one will really stretch out your hips and your shoulders as well. It’s a little tough because of the hand positioning, but if you modify where you need to, you can just link your arms around one another rather than try to twist them. That is totally fine. Do what you can. Its your practice!

Eagle Pose

1. Stand at the top of your mat with your feet slightly apart and hands down at your side.

2. Place hands on your hips as you bend both knees.

3. Gently lift the right foot and carefully wrap your right leg over the left. If it’s within your ability, hook your right foot behind your left calf. (If you can’t, who cares! You’re trying. That’s all that matters!)

4. Take your hands off your hips and bring them out to your sides to form a T- shape.

5. Bring your right hand out in front of you and bend at the elbow, your palm facing your face/head.

6. Take your left arm and bring the crook of it right under the right elbow, wrapping your left arm around the right. If you can press your palms together, and gently lift your elbows to shoulder height or draw it towards your chin.

7. Stay here for a few breaths. When ready release and stand back at the top of your mat and try it on the other side.

#funjoypeace #eaglepose #hipopener #cincinnatiyoga #keepstretching #flylikeaneagle🦅

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