Day 22 of Hip Opener

Day 22 of our Hip Opening saga continues.

Today we have a cool looking pose – Half Lord of the Fishes. It looks way more complicated than what it really is, but it really is a great way to stretch out one hip at a time. If you have some time and are watching tv, hop on the floor and give this pose a try.

Half Lord of the Fishes

1. Sit on your mat with your back nice and tall with your feet out in front of you (Staff pose).

2. Bend your right knee, while keeping your other leg (left) extended out in front of you.

3. Take your right foot and bring it over to the left side (right foot should now be next to your left inner thigh).

4. Inhale and hook your left elbow onto the outside of the right knee.

5. Exhale rotate your torso to the right side and place your right hand out behind you on the right side to stabilize you (think of it like a kick stand)

6. Stay in this position, inhale. Exhale see if you can gently rotate a little further.

#funjoypeace #halflordofthefishes #hipopener #gainflexibility #cincinnatiyoga

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