Day 21 for Hip Openers

Day 21 for Hip Openers!

We are close to finishing our hip openers for this month. One of the most relaxing ones is Reclined Bound Angle. This is a favorite of mine. When I teach any type of restorative class, I love putting this one in the flow because its such a great pose. If you need some time to chill, but also want to stretch your hips out. Then this is one you should try.

You can also use blocks or rolled up blankets under each knee if you need some added support. See how I placed the blocks under my knees? We don’t want any body part free falling. Its uncomfortable, and we want you to be comfy.

1. Lie flat on your mat.

2. And bend your legs with your feet flat on the mat.

3. Turn your knees out with the bottoms of your feet touching and the sides of your feet touching the mat.

4. Place your hands on your belly or at the sides of your body.

5. Please note that if your hips are super tight and you are unable to relax your knees, place blocks or a rolled up mat under each knee.

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