Day 20 – Hip Opener

Day 20 Hip Opener

Excuse the the Resting B&@%# Face, but this pose really gets into those hips. If you’ve never tried this pose it is – Malasana. A deep yogic squat that really opens your hips and as you can tell by my face, its a little much. But it feels so good!

I will be transparent though, when I was super inflexible and didn’t focus on stretching… I absolutely despised this pose. I would cringe and clench my teeth when a yoga instructor would call out Malasana in her sing song voice. But after some work and more stretching, this pose really does feel good.

To try follow these instructions:

1. Stand at the top of your mat with your hands at your side.

2. Take your feet out a little more than hip width apart with your feet flat on your mat. But if your hip are tight, then stay on the balls of your feet.

3. As you inhale, feel your body lengthen.

4. Exhale, sink your hips back and continue to engage your leg muscles.

5. Bring hands to heart center prayer.

6. Press elbows into inner thighs. Again if your hips are open, keep your feet flat on the floor. If hips are tight, stay on the balls of your feet.

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