Day 18 Hip Opener

Day 18 of Hip Opening! We are getting closer and closer to that finish line! If you’ve been sticking with me CONGRATS!

The pose featured today is one of my all time favorite for tight hips- Fire Hydrant. It really helps free up that hip, while also making you hold the 3 legged dog pose.

Fire Hydrant

To give it a try read the following:

1. Begin on all fours – Table top

2. Spread your fingers as wide as you can and dig them into your mat like a rock climber

3. Weight should be evenly distributed into your palm and fingers

4. Lift your hips to the sky

5. Arms shoulder width apart with no tension in the back of the neck

6. Press the mat away for long armpits; keep your spine long

7. Gaze towards your navel

8. Feet are hip width apart

9. And heels are to the ground; if they can’t reach the ground that’s fine- Hammies are too tight

10. Breath your way through the pose

11. When ready raise your right leg up to the sky, bend at the knee with right foot being sent to the left side. Feel the stretch in your right hip.

12. Hold for 3-5 breaths. Release and perform on the other side.

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