Day 14 Hip Opener

Day 14 of our Hip Opening Challenge!

How are those hips feeling? Well, if you need some work, guess what? We have another yoga pose- Goddess or Utkata Konasana.

I really enjoy this pose because I am able to feel the burn (quads working) in it. It almost feels like a power pose. So go ahead and strike this pose and feel your hips being to open.

1. Stand at the center of your mat facing the long end of your it

2. Find a wide legged stance

3. Turn your toes to the left and right corners of your mat, respectively

4. Sink down into your hips (think wide legged squat but with toes pointing towards the corners)

5. Mentally- imagine pressing your knees back behind you to keep them in line with your ankles

6. Arms are straight out at your sides (like a T) and then bend at the elbows, 90 degrees

7. Imagine between your shoulder blades you have a magnet, its drawing the two shoulder blades together, relax the shoulders away from the ears

8. Now breath into your hips and feel them start to open.

Now comment below and let me know how you felt.

#funjoypeace #yoga #hipopeners #goddesspose #utkatakonasana

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