Day 13 Hip Opener

It’s Day 13 of our hip opening challenge!

If you want to feel a little more grounded and work on opening a hip feel free to try Tree pose. Tree pose not only helps you with stabilization, but also the bent leg is opening your hip.

Tree Pose

To do tree pose do this:

1. Stand at the top of your mat, back nice and tall

2. Lift your toes and gently place them back onto your mat, feeling your body weight being dispersed along the footprint

3. Bend the right knee slightly

4. Lift the left foot off the mat while bracing your core

5. Gently place your left foot against the right calf or right inner thigh (NEVER against the right knee)

6. When ready bring your hands to heart center prayer or you can bring your hands up high to the sky with your arms out as branches.

#funjoypeace #treepose #hipopeners #yoga #learnapose #stabilizer

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